College and Adult Leadership Programs

Strong, effective leadership is integral to both individual and professional success. Developing strong, effective leadership skills in college students and young adults will result in personal growth and future success!

Leaders are not developed by chance!

It’s a decision individuals make to pursue the education, skill development and training to build their future!


The RISE program for College/Adult Students will teach Leadership and develop the Leader within – resulting in students who understand the principles and concepts of Leadership and know how to LEAD!

Classes are now offered VIRTUAL ONLINE through the Zoom platform. Classes will be available in-person and on-site as health precautions and conditions improve and appropriate decisions can be made. Contact us today!

The RISE Simple Leadership program will amplify student’s inner strengths and teach the concepts and strategies that empower them to lead.

As a result of our program, students will:

  • Understand the true essence of Leadership
  • Learn the importance of vision as the first step in leadership
  • Understand the concept and practice of inspiration
  • Understand the role of genuine influence
  • Know the importance of clear communication
  • Learn how authenticity and discipline work together
  • Make the decision to be worthy of leadership
  • Know the difference between management and leadership
  • Understand that leadership is a choice, made by others
  • Know that leadership is not a title or a position
  • Embrace the concepts of trust, safety and empowerment
  • Learn techniques to lead any grou

We will tailor a program for your class or organization and work with you on payment plans, schedules, and individual challenges/needs/goals to ensure you get maximum value for your students!

All of our programs include weekly classes, class activities, homework assignments, additional one-on-one coaching (when needed), resources, and upon completion students will receive the RISE leadership certification!

For more information about any of our leadership programs, contact us!

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