College and Adult Public Speaking Programs

Studies show Public Speaking Skills are now the most valued skills top companies will look for in the future – even more valued than Technical Skills (Harvard Business Review)

Today more than ever success depends on the ability to effectively speak and present to diverse groups large and small – and we all NEED HELP DEVELOPING THESE SKILLS!


The RISE program for College/Adult Students will teach speechcraft and develop the speaker – resulting in students who can speak and present with absolute CONFIDENCE, AUTHORITY and IMPACT!

Classes are available VIRTUAL ONLINE through the Zoom platform. In-person, On-site classes will resume when the current health crisis subsides.

The RISE Speech and Presentation Program will amplify your student’s inner strengths and make them more comfortable, dynamic, and effective when presenting.

After our program, students will be able to:

  • Become confident, competent and credible in front of any audience
  • Capture and maintain the attention and interest of their listeners
  • Craft and convey messages that are clear, concise and compelling
  • Organize their material for best flow and maximum impact
  • Connect and inspire employing the art of storytelling
  • Think quickly on their feet and appear calm under pressure
  • Master Q&A sessions and win-over tough audiences
  • Incorporate effective visual aids and avoid Death by PowerPoint™
  • Integrate appropriate humor to drive home serious points
  • Eliminate “ums,” “ahs,” “you knows” and other distracting habits
  • Use body language and voice techniques to “own the room”
  • Project world-class presence
  • Read the audience and speak to their needs and listening styles
  • Provide the right content without doing a data dump

Contact us now and we will tailor a program specific to your goals and needs!

Our programs include weekly classes, class activities and exercises, homework assignments, additional one-on-one coaching (when needed), resources, and upon completion of the class students will receive the RISE speaker certification!

For more information about one of our programs, contact us today!

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