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We have virtual classes for all grades starting April 6th!!

Grade School

Our grade school public speaking programs are designed for 3rd – 4th, 5th – 6th, and 7th-8th graders.

During the 8-week program, your student will meet weekly, complete assignments, deliver speeches, and provide feedback to his/her peers.

A number of topics are covered during each class including storytelling, choosing a speech topic, writing a speech, delivering a speech, understanding and overcoming stage fright and anxiety.

Our next scheduled 8-week virtual sessions start on May 4 and June 1st!

High School

The RISE High School Public Speaking Program is perfect for grades 9-12.

In 8 weeks these students are taught speech construction, topic selection, and appropriate structure to present a clear, concise, targeted speech or presentation for a variety of purposes.

These students are also coached on their development as speakers, with emphasis on delivery, stagecraft, and engagement with the audience, as well as conquering nerves and anxiety.

Virtual classes are now forming, with session start dates beginning May 4!


For Adult Candidates the RISE program offers basic to advanced speaker training. Professional development is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity, and speaking/presentation skills are now regarded as the “key to success” in business today. (Harvard Business Review)

RISE is the best investment you can make, developing high caliber speaking and presentation skills, resulting in clear, concise, impactful and memorable communications that lead to success.

Virtual Classes begin May 4, and individual coaching as well as organizational classes are available on your schedule.

Let’s make a difference together.

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