Sports Team Leadership Program

Coaches, you have invested so much in your program – the best training, equipment, coaching and support – isn’t it time to invest in leadership?

It’s Your Program, Your Legacy, Your CHOICE!

RISE Sports Leadership Program is designed to cut through the myriad of confusing and complicated concepts to offer simple principles, examples, and action steps!

Your players will be able to identify leadership opportunities and make choice that further your vision of developing a leadership mentality in every member of your team!

We can help turn your players into TEAM LEADERS!

Our unique Sports Leadership Program features the principles of organizational leadership tailored specifically to sports team leadership.

From middle school to high school, experience real value and leadership development presentations and programs for coaches, players and parents.

Give your sports program a decided advantage by developing potential and skills beyond just the physical skills of any sport!

Our program is available on-side, in gym group work and – New for 2020VIRTUAL on the Zoom platform!

Sign up TODAY, invest in their futures!

Our Program will help you:

  • Transform individual athletes into a unified force
  • Create trust with your athletes between themselves and their coaches.
  • Build a culture where every athlete thinks and acts like a leader.
  • Build character, self-discipline, values, initiative and self-esteem.

Players develop through a process of education, encouragement, and coaching!

The program offers one-time seminars, multiple classes, season-long coaching, separate staff training and more!

Scheduling is based on your preference for your sports program. We are happy to work with you to create the program customized for your needs.

Develop people, not just players!

For more information about our sports leadership programs, contact us or reach out to Tom Otstot directly by email or phone 602-690-3593!

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